All These Shapes

The Pop Ups 2014

What can you make with all these shapes?

Triangle magnet on my fridge
are you an egyptian pyramid
a mountain large against the sky
or a sign to yield as we walk by
maybe a ramp that we can jump
pointy goatee beard of a punk
a megaphone so we can chat
or a happy birthday party hat

What can you make with all these shapes?

little square magnet on my fridge
if we tip you over just a smidge
you could be a diamond till you land
or a box of pizza for the band
you could be a window or a tooth
a cd case for sonic youth
a button on some weird machine
a picture frame or a saltine

What can you make with all these shapes?

little circle magnet on my fridge
just like a baseball we could pitch
round as an eye that you could wink
or a head filled with a brain that thinks
could be a planet or the moon
a floating helium balloon
maybe a wheel to steer a car
or the top of a big 'ol pickle jar


triangle on top of square
makes a nice house who lives in there?
triangle can be a cap,
when your circle needs a hat
I wonder what it I see
when I combine and use all three???

these magnets stuck on the fridge door they really show me so much more
that shapes are everywhere I look! they're on our walls they're in our books!
they're in the eyes we use to see they make up you they make up me!!