I'm Tired

The Pop Ups 2014

Can you feel the breeze, can you feel the breeze as it's running through your hair
does it sooth your mind from a day of thinking deep thoughts under there
do you feel your cheeks have they been filled up with food
have they smiled and frowned enough today showing all the world your mood?

do they say we're tired do they say we're ready for a nap
do they say we're ready to relax
well i'm all right with that

do you feel your arms
do you feel your arms are they pulling toward the ground
are your shoulders elbows fingers tired from moving all around
do you feel your chest
is it rising with your breath
does your heart feel nice and warm cause it's time for you to rest


well your belly back and ribs they all sit soundly in one place
happy to be resting till the morn
and your tushy hips and legs
are all so comfy in their space
and you yawn

do you feel your knees
do you feel your knees are they calling out to you
saying all the running crawling bending for today is through
do you fell your toes are they asking for a rest
have they carried you with every step cause that's what they do the best