Pop Up City

The Pop Ups 2012

Once upon a time
There was a land
There was a city in the land
It was a Pop Up City

Page 1, a picture of the sun above the radio station
Page 2, a picture of the zoo, a lion and a gnu

Pop Up City
Turning the pages
Pull down the tab
Out come the pictures
Of our Pop Up City

Page 3, a picture of the sea with a coconut palm tree
Page 4, a picture of a store, a bell rings on the door

And it's all made of paper
the pictures are moving
it's telling a story
of our Pop Up City

Page 5, the band had a long drive but finally arrived
Page 6, they pull out all their tricks in the theater made of bricks

See the guitars, everyone's dancing
The crowd's going wild, they all live in the city

There's a school, there is a restaurant, there's hospital, and a fire station,
there is a laundromat, and a library, there is a movie theatre, and a grocery store,
there is a pet store, there is a playground, there are houses, and there are lots of roads, there's a bridge, and a bus station, there's no alternate side and free municipal parking!

Page 7 the encore is in session, the amps turned to 11.
Page 8, we exit out the gate, get ice cream before it's late
Page 9 we had a splendid time, but now we must unwind.
Page 10, say goodnight to my friends wake up and do it all again!