Apes in Capes

The Pop Ups 2014

Apes in Capes

Jimmy drew a circle then he drew another one eyes that wink
Molly drew a moon, turned it to the side now he smiles at me
Billy took two triangles put them in the middle now it's a nose
Janey drew some ovals hands and feet and fingers and toes

Using shapes, they drew apes
they drew apes, using shapes

Janey drew a line, drew it really fine right down to his feet
Molly drew another line down the other side and it looked so neat
Ben took a pen he connected the ends and made a triangle

using shapes
they made apes
wearing capes
apes in capes

Lotsa curvy lines and a rectangle and you've got a tree
circle in the sky and a few straight lines and you've got the sun
three zig zags lying side by side and you've got the sea

Using shapes
they made landscapes
for their apes
apes in capes

They drew ovals, little circles in a bunch
Their apes were getting hungry time for lunch

so they drew grapes,
for their apes
apes in capes
in landscapes

Fun with Shapes
Apes in Capes