Best Fruit

The Pop Ups 2012

What is the best fruit?
What is the best fruit in a fruit salad?

i have brought an apple
round just like my head
i love to chomp an apple
so big and bright and red
chomp chomp chompin' on the apple

I brought a banana
its yellow and so soft
I peel a banana
to take the whole skin off
peelin' a banana


Today i brought a grapefruit
there's sour fruit inside
so i cut up the grapefruit
to get through the thick hide I go..
choppin up the grapefruit

I brought watermelon
its filled with lots of seeds
so juicy and delicious
to eat it right you need to
spit out the seeds

Today I brought a kiwi
a yummy shade of green
but i cut it in half first
and scoop out what's within
scoop out the kiwi

We brought lots of berries
strawberries and blue
all you have to do is just go
poppin' the berries


Now is the best part! We make fruit salad with an apple!

chompin' on the apple
peelin' a banana
choppin' up the grapefruit
spit out the seeds
scoop out the kiwi
poppin' all the berries

Now we have fruit salad!
What is the best fruit,
in a fruit salad!