Heartbreak Hotline

The Pool Kids 2016

You're my best friend, for my whole life
Wanna dance with you in the starry sky
You're my best friend
My partner in crime
Gonna rock this party and do it right

You are
You are
You know we are, getting through it
With you
With you gonna rule it
Let's kickstart this party tonight!

This is the heartbreak hotline
We need a dance floor stat
So call on me.
This is the heartbreak hotline
All you need
Is a friend, is a friend
So call me!

Verse 1
When you feel like life ain't alright
And your love has been bringing you down
Just hit me up I'm on the speed dial
You know that we can turn it around
If you feel like you can't breathe
And your mind's spinning out of control
Come on out to the party spot
Feel the music hit in your soul!

Chorus repeat

Verse 2
When you think you need a good time
And the feeling that you just need home
I'll pick you up and we can go out
To a place we've never been before

If you feel like you like giving up
Let me be your remedy
Dance with me in the lights alive
The music's gonna set you free

Pre-chorus repeat

Chorus repeat