I Know

The Grand Astoria 2016

I know, I know, my time will come
Like a phoenix, I'll rise again
Flying higher, then the sky
Will rejoin me on this way

Fading life and lonely death
Wasting days on the sorrowful ground
What you've sown, now will come around
In the empty space

Empty space
Empty space, space, space

And then I promised you better world
That is equal for everyone
And the chariots of gold
Carry us to kingdom come

In the darkest emptiness
We are waiting for the dawn
Serving demons on parade
For the devil's grace

Devil's grace
Devil's grace. grace, grace

And now I know, my time has come
Beast is locked in a golden cage
Well, the dust is settled down
Book of life will turn the page

Am I mad and gone insane?
Slacked awakened or dead alive (?)
Happy days are far behind
Will you take my place

Take my place
Take my place, place, place