I Think Ill Start A Fire

The Faunts 2009

hes got a bad heart station
he keeps it to the sun
he had an early conversation
this wouldn't be a thing to her

heat wave
we haven't seen you fora long long while
truth is used to worry about yourself
high tide
we haven't chewed so shapply on the line
i tried
when we lose the fight to stay
its fine i will be back in no time
i will speak to you
i think we'll start a fire
i think we'll start a fire
i think well start a fire

thought i heard from someone who knows
leave it to me to lead slowly
before i let you fall asleep tonight
sit beside me right beside me
the red lights
we haven't seen you for a long long while
its taking so long to see

the headlights i haven't for been here long long while
i think ill start a fire
and keep it to the sun
with conversations [...]
we shouldn't be a thing to her