Tabletop Jukebox

The Del Fi's 2015

Nobody robs trains anymore
I guess I'm too sentimental
Or robs the rich and gives to the poor
And waits for the signal

Sizzling burgers for my lady and I
Neon shining bright and strong
Tabletop jukebox
A song a dime
A whole lotta shakin' going on

Bring me back, bring me back
Don't wanna go home
Bring me back, 'cross the tracks
That's where I belong

Things are getting a little more strange around here
Like in a science fiction novel
The future never felt so near
Distracted and hollow


Poor boy on the corner
Can't see the clear blue sky
Just tall buildings going further and further
In a town full of pride

But if everything goes in cycles
She'll be coming 'round the mountain again
With her sun painted freckles
And some money she can lend