Stay Alive

The Damond Underground 2013

Got to try it; got to want it today
Focus your mind and bring it out to play
Got to bleed on your knees; forget the pain
And forget the past person; bring it out to play
If you want it; have to make it today
Leave the past lazy; live on the fray
Got to vie till you die; live with the strain
And submit to your person that knows how to play; So I

As I vie as I vie; I will stay alive
Burn alive burn alive; as I stay alive

With your peace and your doubt; and your heart and your sound
And the give and the keep; and the earth and the bleed

If you had it would you throw it away?
Fade and drink lazy; live for escape?
All the need and the greed brings only pain
So forget the past person; live for the strain; So I