Scream To Breathe

The Accident Experiment 2007

take me over, cause you know it's been a while
win me over with your devil killing smile
and soak my bones
in your overtones
and tear down my walls till the darkness shows
pull me under where the river sings my death
light a candle with your holy cigarette
come down with me
in kerosine
and walk through the flames till it burns us clean

i scream to breathe.
i scream to breathe.

so won't you place your hex on me
drive the ship and ride with me
let's run away to your galaxy
where children bathe in delusion streams
drain away the poison out of me

wear the letter cloth and i will drink your shame like an ocean let me
dream until i go insane until i go insane
like a shot through your brain
take a trip through your veins
until i go insane