Dump The Zero (get A Hero)

Popsie 2006

sit back and relax
'Cause I'm gonna tell you the reality
About your precious lover boy
Girlfriend, don't get angry with me
I just pass it on, the talk of the town
In your dreams, you're playing with him
I assure you, you're not the only one
No one is perfect, neither is he
But it's time to move on and face reality
Dump the zero get a hero
The world is so full of men who're beautiful
Dump the zero get a hero
>From a friend to another,
Get a true lover
Girlfriend, it's time to wake up
You know, it's time to stop and hear the truth
I got the facts about you lover
You see I know it all, I got the proof
He's been hanging out with most of your friends
But it's time to get back,
So here's where it ends
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