Pop-A-Lot 2017

These niggas know how I'm living got a pocket full of dead white niggas
Got a back seat for the bad b****** and the Dutch Master full of that white widow

Thick white bitches they didn't like niggas
Mario put the pipe to en
Now they ride around throwing it up with the pirus down in Compton

I keep the Nina regardless
Work tan
Chico DeBarge
50 for A zip of hi tec
Stinging niggas in the project
Nigga think he plotting try again
On pops I'm just tryna get it
My bitch was tripping in the process
Cause the blade was jumping like a mosh pit

So fly I'm about to crash land
Miami was the Pak Jam
Re up with a trash bag
They can hear me come in like I'm tap dancing

All A nigga want is mathematics
Back 2 back A nigga back at it
Smoke it till I'm feeling asthmatic
Nigga beefin catch him in traffic

Turn A bike into A beamer wagon
Plug said holla so I'm screaming at him
Fuck rap beef we won't keep it rap
Imma smack that nigga when I see his ass

Zip loc Pop with the work game
Dolomite wit the word play
Fuck around make it hurricane
Blllluuuu Blllluuuu nigga BIRD GAME

Ball hard strong arm niggas that was packing bags at the walbaumbs
Fast forward I'm in VA
Niggas shooting like ball hog's

Versace shades block the haters out
I'm just happy that I made it out
09 had pink dolphins like I cashed out with paper route

Foreign in whippin
Forgiato wheeling
Bad bitch hitting
Money getting

Designer rocker
Look at my attire
Who flyer you kinda lying

Flashlight on the joystick you would think I'm trying to find it

He trying to hide but I'm right behind him
Boy I am outta my mind

Spent my adulthood serving n***** counted 50 up in about 30 minutes
Black caddy bible turned to psalms
Like I'm on my way to church Nigga

All we do is get the work and whip it need your third eye to see the perfect picture
Hold up its A major difference
I'm A boss they work for niggas

Gasoline in A backwood
Get A Black Saleen if you trap good
Try to run one on the plug
Hobla no engla but his math good
Back to back with them transactions
Don't hit my jack less your cash good
No Bullshit I wish a nigga would
Fuck around leave him in the woods

They was swagga jacking the Atlanta niggas
Riding Flying Saucer with the hammer in it
Preyed everyday it's like I had to get it
When my dog saw it he was like damn nigga
Hold up hold up wait
Getting money with my day ones
We been up straight this is day six
Kill the pussy I ain't playing with it
These niggas pussy I ain't playin wit him
While these niggas jumping Clique to Clique I made 100 long with the same niggas
Fuck yo forign you ain't wit the shit unless you hit the dash on it
Lane switching
Swear to God I'm the same nigga
Call the play up like I'm lane kiffen

Imma dogg nigga rot wilder
Said he top shotta
Boy stop laying
Strong pounds for the 27
Had the block jumping like hydraulics

Nigga wanna try me
Don't even try it
Leave ya mama crying all traumatized
These rappers lying
Cut the bullshit you selling wolf tickets and we ain't buying
Penthouse suite at the Econo Lodge
2 Spanish bitches Nina sky
Keep in mind that I'm squeezing mine
They're from the rap hood I'm from the real Hood

Got squilla but I'm still hood
Came up so it feel good
Nigga credit all Fucked up
But I cash out real good