Cannon-Fire Orange

Poor Old Lu 2007

This song has undergone a few changes over the years. Mostly notable for it's Spanish flair, it was originally written in 1990, just before we (BellBangVilla) went into the studio to record our first album, "In Love With The Greenery". The first recording was much shorter than the later versions. It consisted of just the first verses and chorus. In 1992, after a band name change, we decided to re-record Cannon-Fire Orange with additional lyrics and instrumentation for our album "Star-Studded-Super-Step". It was greatly improved. Finally, in 1994, we recorded Cannon-Fire Orange one more time for the album "Sin". Though the changes were much less drastic this time, the sound, recording, and "authenticity" were better. We also knew that many of our current fan base (at the time) had never heard our previous versions of this song, so it was new to most people.

Lyrically, this song was written in 1990 (for the first recording), and completed in 1992 (for the full-length version). Because of this there is little cohesiveness between the verses. The beginning verses were written for the original song, but the rest of the lyrics were pulled from a poem written later. If someone just *had* to have an explanation for this song, then I would say that "cannon-fire orange" represents our reliance upon sinful ways, and how those sins become who we are. In the end, though, we "cannot stand without the help of His hand".

sailing away
towards uncertainties
uncertain seas
change today

traveled to that land
took it all second hand
i fought for cover
then i ran, ran, ran

found a love colored me whole
no more cannon-fire orange,
cannon-fire orange, cannon-fire orange

does the flower drown
in the winter swon
or go away
never again to show

can it be found
below the frail ground
when we look away
is it around

for now i see what needs to be
no more cannon-fire orange,
cannon-fire orange, cannon-fire orange

i'm counting the days
to discover the ways
how the fire turns cold
like i've been told

the flame burns the tree
i don't know what to be
'someone' holding the match
'someone' is me

so i cannot stand
without the help of His hand
no more cannon-fire orange,
cannon-fire orange, cannon-fire orange