zig zags tally infact its wrapped in wacky
tobacccy with a stack of daddys porno mags
stash a bag of xannies from the fuckin family
did it gladly cause my dad ate my fuckin baggys
chatty fag with bum bag fanny pack
pen to tag his mrs needs her fanny packed
her boobs n crack
roof rack rufilin halucinagine acid tab
set the sat nav sat back and relaxed
thinkin back sniffin smack out the hatchback
reacted like a mad lad wit bad rags his girl friend has
so quit the sad rap hit the lab durazas pad
bluntin hash snack wrap from maccas its monster mash

we smokin blunts smokin blunts like tree trunks x4

in a instanse i write a sentence so intense
i got pigs jumpin fences got tested and arrested
protested that my sentence was a school suspension
hense that my rhymes offended all the parents at the teacher confrence
confident that my sixth sense kept me centered
i sent the message by the placement of my middle finger
so stick the sin up in her eat her like i eat my dinner
did her split her clit charlie sheehan im a fucking winner