mythological form of a black phantom
still handsome destroyin temper tantrum
rancid and my fam be the mansons
3 brothers killed allegedlly the hansons
CHANTIN in my haunted mansion
attackin tresspassers pumpkin carved lantern
smokin penta-grams stamp of the dragon
rompa stompa pants saggin packin
9 victims left 10 already dead
graverobberry ressurect for the ched
drenched in red... in a double bed
doctor tellin me to take my meds now i got his head
seven sins where do i begin
posessed by the demons who dwell within my skin next of kin'
remove your neck from chin
since im the fuckin reaper your lifes lookin grim

dude attack on the mic
snappin your backs like a hat ima shine
dude attack on the mics
rappin infact your just wack ima rhyme