Can't Spell Slaughter Without Laughter


fuck jimmy recard put him in the grave yard
so be on guard when it gets dark
bombard armaguard and steal your bank card
still i shank hard my mind banked up so thanks mum
figg kids a faggot
stop rappin old man needs to be nappin
kidnap him trap him stab him then rap battle him
need your vitamins vital chords from harder man
start the man put him in mikeys van slam
accelerator cremate ya re-animate ya
like darth vader renegane grenade hater rad skater
playin bitches like i play sega
mega sex drive when get high then drive on the sidewalk
and stalk the broad skateboard
to boarders 2 hording corpses you
there be more then 2 outlinin of chalk on you
so what the store clerk gonna do
when i smoke the doob instore and blew the smoke back at the dude
sue me nah dude ima above that
spit mad rap handicap with a snapback
so let his back snap grab his backpack
pull back spinal tap you a spoof of ya dead rapp-eer
um nonne mc marley on the drums
best believe we fuckin scum
yeah we doo what we doo when we hop in the booth
and we get buck like a loose tooth now choose
who the best of this rap game all the tame rapper get RAINED
on by cumstains
ima stay the same way for days
get paid when i spit on the stage like all day
till im dying of old age