Not Anymore

Gold City 2013

Verse 1

Lost was my story
Curse was my fame
Doom was my destiny
And sin, it was surely my trade

Then light started shining through my darkness
Words cannot express what I saw
God changed me, rearranged me
He gave me life when I gave Him my all


Not Anymore will I know how to die
Death lost the battle while mercy survived
Not Anymore will I wonder where I'll be
When the saints are singing around-a Christmas
See, I know I'm not much for nothing
Still its me who's coming back home
Well, I used to be headed for a place called hell
But thank God, I'm not anymore
I'm not anymore

Verse 2

Now I'm captivated
By arms of grace
I'm fascinated as to why He'd take my place
On the cross that was built for a sinner
To assure me a life evermore
Crucified there, he died there
So I can live on Heaven's bright shore

Chorus (2x)

Well, I used to be headed for a place called Hell
But thank God
I'm not anymore
I'm Not Anymore