Toast To Tha Future

Flow ProJectz 2013

(Intro : Flow ProJectz)

My Trials And Tribulations
Made Me The Stronger Person I Thought I Was
Real Talk Is Im Better Than Yesterday And Tomorrow
Ill be better than today this is the kid Flow ProJectz
Street heart beatz(heart beatz) 16dirtydirty lets get it

(Verse 1 : Flow ProJectz)

Mind of a hustler and heart of a lion
Blood sweat & tears its been a long journey to so much freedom
And its gonna be a long way to walk into my victory lap
I flow so easy with tha passion and im so driven by my determination
Im just a dopeboy from tha hood i just happen to rap
I walk the walk and talk the talk if its about the paper
You can find me on my knees when i pray to the lord
Toast to these low life haters cause they just gave me another motivation
Cash in (cash in) cash out all i wanna do is just win
Im nothing now but im on my way to be something no bling bling but oh my God Im Bout To shine like a shotting star
Its Flow ProJectz And Slam P we taking a toast to tha future
Cause we tha kings of tomorrow,Real talk

(Hook : Slam P)

I put it on my God
Toast to tha future
Yeah we do it raw
Toast to tha champions,yeah we got more,money never drop
One Hand Up I Toast I Toast
Girls tap out i take the cake
My mixtape out they choke,they choke
One Hand Up I Toast I Toast
Girls tap out i take the cake

(Verse 2 : Slam P)

Im Back In The Game
Im Back In The Hustle I Got A Muscle no weight up on my shoulder like im smoking dope
Flow Pro On My Back Putting S H B on the map on we gotta get the cash
Military mind the whole is mine homie i dont mind my gun works overtime
Never mind i drink alot but my money never drop
We make it rain in places we do it big no rain no tears,fearless
I dont care who the best now they put me on a test got rihanna on my chest
Diamonds in the sky i dont care we come alive in the dark
I mean we shine bright in the sky toast to tha people who would really kill to die
I would really kill the time then pause it for a minute then
I miss my fam S H B is not the same where's the faith in the f****** game

(Hook :Slam P) X2

We take the cake hehe it is what it is
Slam P and Flow ProJectz S H B On the map,you know we do what we do best on the mic man
Shout out to my fellaz there
S H B Tru Story, and Ou Two Salute
Yeah yea yeah yeah yeah yea