Frozen In Time

Dark Synergy 2013

Travelin down the endless road
Looking for somewhere to put down the load
Livin in a world of isolation
No destination

Walkin through a dream
I hear the sound of a distant scream
Shadows fade into the night
And now I see only in black and white

Darkness here is all around
Silent lips they make no sound
I can feel myself sinking down
Sinking into the ground

Dislocated memories
Are driftin on distant seas
Scattered through the minds debris
Theyre floatin away from me

Caricatures of reality
Now they come to haunt me
I can no longer believe
Believe in what I see

Lookin out from behind these eyes
Lookin through distorted lies
Drawn into the void
The things you hate
Now you cannot avoid

Frozen in time...time.timetime.time

An icy wind blows through my mind
Icy chill creeps through my veins
Fractured patterns they numb my brain

My heart has now turned cold
But I will not grow old
Baskin in the afterglow
Of the krystal-ice and the freezing snow

I have found a new pastime
It is called freezin time
You may think I lost my mind
But I feel
I feel just fine:
Cause Im

Frozen in time

Frozen in time

Frozen in time

Frozen in time

No More!!!