Fly Higher


oyeeee, rock this music aah ,
rock that music aaaaaaah ,
get on the floor lets do the dance,
move with the beat with break and dance,
shake your booty like you just dont care,
am gonna take you there,
am here to make you dance,
so dance, lets rock this night,
tonight is the night,
so just keep on dancing , ahaan
move with beat, move with the beat,
move with beat, lets dance,
we gonna rock it on and on ,
and you can rock on along ,
i wanna dance with you girl ,
i wanna rock with you girl ,
am gonna rock your body,
spoon your body, so lets rock it now, now,
tonight is your night, ooh yea,
i wanna dance with you
cos tonight ,is your night, oooh ooh ,
that am loving you oooou,
oh yes am loving you oooo ,
ooh yea, i wanna dance with you
i wanna rock with you, uuu
ooh yea, ooh yea,

rap vers 2

you can do this dance,
you can do this dance ,
we can do this dance,
we gonna rock tonight ,
trust me, am gonna make you sweat ,
am ready to take you there, what,
i will take you there, am ready, to take you there,

chorus .