DanWritesSins 2015

[VERSE 1a]
turn this track up high - turn it higher than a plane
now that she's high she wants us to run a train
kodak moment as she jiggles in the frame
i'm gonna make her come in sleet, snow, water, rain

[VERSE 1b]
face down ass higher than a plane
bought audemar but I won't give ya time of day
out the grave, I'm a zombie - gimme the brain
first I park my car then I'll pull the e-brake

it's time to show me what you got
baby hit the spot
if you can jiggle to the top
i'mma make your body rock

I need you to jiggle what you got,
make that pussy pop
Work it like you tryin'a get a job,
make that body rock
Show me that you take it to the top,
want to see it drop
Get that pussy wetter than a mop,
then it's time to swap

[VERSE 2a]
check your DJ 'cos he needs some training
we get some paper lemme make it rain here
I keep three hoes bitch, just some reindeer
jiggle that ass right here, check that into foursquare

[VERSE 2b]
well they must not know who i be
thought you're better than me? that's an L-I-E
twerk like a VIP, baby arch that spine
all the girls say they love me yah they love me long time


fuck I look like when I'm rolling up, rolling hard
side bitch, black benz on the yard
step up to me, you'd get my body guard
buying every fucking round put it on the card

and when you're ready for a midnight snack,
I'mma show ya the skills that your boyfriend lacks


Jiggle for me now...