DanWritesSins 2016

danwritessins is my sugar daddy

greetings inhabitants of planet earth
my name is danwritessins, what's yours?
now I got out of bed and came from my galaxy to be here tonight,
so lets kick things off with some formalities and introductions right now, shall we?
silence all cellphones because if I hear one marimba I swear to fucking god this show is over.
I don't know where the emergency exits are either, so beat the shit out of anyone who disrespects you

got a side bitch, tits fake
but it's on her mind to be the pound cake
i'm on the track got downloads coming through the air like an iOS 8 update
in her mouth, cos i don't like a mess
breed her ass so i can catch my breath
so i can catch my breath
so I can catch my breath

tits out like its mardi gras
got a duffle bag everytime i go to withdraw
wrist icy, it thaws to glow
getting money like dawson,
thousand loads


get it big gonna hit ya with the caps lock
cut it out, shut you out cos it's all talk
grab your shit before I fucking chuck it
a little love sick got me puking in a bucket

I'mma drink until I don't remember,
I won't stop, no I won't surrender,
cop my single - I'm your vender
just copped the check and now I'm ready to spend'er

now i'm the drew of brees
this ain't foot ball but you could fumble me
i'm at MSG, I'm on MTV
but how the fuck you eat tuna if its not bumblebees