Damost 2013

Intro :
Yo yo yo niggas and honeys let me introduce to you
Damost valuable player in the rap game ow boy
Refrain :
For me you're nothing nigga puff puff pass
Take a break come and watch the real nigga with class
For me you're nothing nigga puff puff passs
I hit the top with my dope bitch ya shit comes last
Verse 1

Nigga i blow your mind everytime i got a new flow
You better go find yourself another thing to do
Your shit is wack Imma bring the old school game back
Cuz real hip hop is not about the pants you sag
I'll knock u out like the king ali
i Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee
U lil ass nigga can't fallow me
This is just a motherfucking warning u better not fuck with me
Got the skills like lebron james
Me and drexx gonna shine this is no game
Keep it real is the deal that's the way i feel nigga just chill I got the wheel
Guess u started to feel heat shit
There's no doubt imma run this town ask your mom
She knows fo real I'm the bomb
niggas be like hey yo D do wanna collab?
Uh uh asshole I aim much better than that
From the beginning to the end I'm supposed to win
Bitch you fucked up again me an u we ain't friends
Even ya girl knows u act like beiber justin
bragging about swag n in ya pants u got nothing
what mine is mine now what yours is mine
remember gold and silver can never combine

refrain x2

Check the high class rap this is not ya smelly trash
If you don't know me I'm the one who'll whip ya ass
bringing dope to the country where them niggas lost hope
I'll be rich in no time when em haters stay broke
guess ya, should take i seriousely
imma start by saying obviousely
for ya it's not realy the place to be
cuz we ain't gnot the same level lyricly
I don't mean to be rude I feel sorry ur screwed
Fo god sake stop claiming u're a nigga from the hood
Cuz u silly flow makes me feel so sick bitch
Drop the mic and join you girl to the kitchen
Hit the top right na my conviction
I just realized I'm the nigga who was missing
I used to watch and listen now I got mission
Feeling unchained I'm django if you're guessing
Wikirwikiwiki wild wild west
Everybody put ya motherfukin hands in the air uh
Dam to ost as I proceed to give ya just what u need
My shit gonna be sold out like I been selling weed
never think about messing with me I make ya bleed
what u looking fo with girly flow u think being
a rapper is about getting a dirty hoe
this is ain't puff diddy homie It's damost baby
only wrote this shit to get a meeting with slim shady
Refrain x3
Outro :
Yeeeeah that's what I'm talking about dawg
You rock nigga you rock
Yeah yeah man I'm doing this shit for two reasons
Cuz I love the rap game and
To prove to some people that I realy can do it you now
Holla at you all
Yo wussup in da pimpin
Wussup man I just listened to damost track and that nigga got skills
Yeah dawg he does fo real
I think we gotta work together man
Fo shizzle dizzle
Aight see ya when I see ya