Chianardo Di Caprio

Chino XL 2007

(Different Girls talking on answering machine)
-Hey Chino! It's Tina! I missed you!! He he he ... um, Just wanted to say hello...

=I love you... you know I love you, right? You know I love you...

(Chino snorting)


It's the lifestyle (What? Chionardo Dicaprio)
Welcome to my lifestyle (What What? Chionardo Dicaprio)
It's just the lifestyle (What? Chionardo Dicaprio)
Welcome to my lifestyle (What What? Chionardo Dicaprio)
It's the lifestyle (What? Chionardo Dicaprio)
It's just that thug in me
Welcome to my lifestyle (What What? Chionardo Dicaprio)
It's just the lifestyle (What? Chionardo Dicaprio)
That pretty thug in me
Welcome to my lifestyle (What what? Chionardo Dicaprio)

[Verse 1]
The hopeless, Spanish romantic like Zorro
Never soft though, the hard core Don Juan Demarco
I find y'all lady weak in this, prompt to her eagerness
And be fucking her ridiculous, astounded by her fickleness
The Villianess, pimp polygamist, bigger bigamist
Intelligent as master of kama sutra cunnilingus
I leave your thug boyfriend stunned
When it comes to fine rappers I'm one of the few you females got to choose from
These cheap niggas where y'all find them? (I don't know)
They like promise you a condo, and can't afford a condom
Complained about your man so I robbed him
Confused bitches crying like "Chino, please untie him!"
The mental Samuel Jackson, the physical Adonis
Only sexual with women who can suck the comas out of novels
Fuck them 'till their knees wobble
My house like a brothel
Welcome to the night of the apostle of the lady gospel

(Chorus w/ slight variations)

[Verse 2]
If a woman's heart is an endless ocean of secrets
I run scuba teams to the bottom discover jewels and keep it
Her body is a violin, I'm the violinist and I compose
Her moans are my symphonies I can play the perfect notes
Before being famous,
Chicks asked to touch my hair seduction's what the game is
I intimidate them cus I'm prettier that they is
And in bed I'm gifted,
And I assume every woman's in love with me 'till they tell me different
Since preschool ladies thinking that Chi's cool
I fucked the teacher, it's tragic: a nun
The school it was catholic
Keeping these women spending money on me
Sticking Indian chicks for their dowries
Thinking they fine
If they married the ghetto Banderas gentlemen call
And have mammy's in-laws tell brides leave their sons at the altar
I'm smarter, I'll marry your daughter: 'Till the morning!
I charge pimp niggas for hoes reckless eyeballing (yeah)
Ain't leaving young girls out of it...
My dick becoming their pride so naturally gotta make them swallow it
I fucked all races, bagged bitches in all places
Older chicks, younger chicks... shit, I brought together generations!
They get financially gracious,
Just to date me on a regular basis
With making love I got patience
And I'm a dog just like you, in all cases
But I can make a woman feel love even coming in their faces

(Chorus w/ slight variations)

[Verse 3]
8 out of every 10 chicks are attracted to me...
One is a relative, and the other one a damn liar!
Leave your girl alone with me commit vagina-cide
Since '99, I'm no longer in pimp denial
Cus I'm a playa, plus I fuck a lot
Please, I got more hoes then these niggas just in names beginning in A's
Pass on more Trojans they will ever get
I'll have to take Ginko or some shit to remember half the bitches I hit
Act a nigga wise! Rap a nigga wise! It's obvious
Son got doe but look how ugly and sloppy he is
One girl's man threatened me with the mafias
I laughed and explained in detail where every mole on his white body was
Music and sex the only joy
When it comes to Trojans been through so many I could invade Helen of Troy
Single dominant A-male, getting pussy by mistake
How much hate mail can one pretty nigga generate?
Wasn't delicious bullets missing me by little inches
Now actress bitches suck my dick and do my dishes
+Kiss the Girls+ I'm world renown
For collecting bitches bi-coastally without Morgan Freeman hunting me down
I'm awesome but you +low-some+... what a damn shame
I done heard "Nigga, you fine!" so much I kinda thought that was my name
Mr. Perfect impregnates no dame
My sperm worth more than uncut cocaine
I know why these thugs in these clubs can't behave
Form forty-eight hours the lack of pussy making then brave
Never seen a world tour
But I've fucked like I've won Oscars, two Grammy's and twenty Soul Train Awards (bitch)
Squash beef with 'Pac and 'em
Cus I was too busy studying pimping under Ice-T and Freddie Foxxx and 'em
No jealousy, please dunny it's just my life
Don't be mad cus your girl would rather by my whore than be your wife

(Chorus w/ slight variations)

(Chino talking)

As if... as if...

Yo 'Ziz nigga,... this bitch is gonna ask me
"Why the fuck I had her on hold for so long?"
I said "Bitch! Don't you know the silence of me
having you on hold is more important than anything
any motherfucker on the planet could be saying to you?"

It's just my lifestyle