Silent Art Child

Chino XL 2012

Intro (Jaharia): I don't know whether it was the riddling, or he was just spaced out but, he just sat there writing words and, didn't make any sense, maybe I got too rough with him but, times are different and look how he turned out, he turned out ok, and yeah it was ok

Chino XL
Yeah, my slow Mind races on auto-pilot, reach in my arms, limitation, born a baby giant, wishin my mom used birth control so I scream in silence, this bitter sweet enough time to be wickedly good as a dull diamond, my voodoo science is terribly please living death tragic comedies, uncrown kings of worthless books and forgotten memories, it's a victimless crime, I want a virgin birthed and then commonly known on unwelcoming greeting I recieved for this earth, it's a religious war, My Music's a complete success, it's the audience that's a failure when my waste of my breath, for wise fool possess drowning in a dry pool of bliss, you thank God your an atheist, My writing shits on Macbeth's, school interferes with education, only thing, I don't procrastinate witters procrastination, oxymoron, You got Van Gogh's ear from yous a true fiction, I'm thinking out loud using dumb wisdom, Silent Art Child

I've been overlooked, and I've been shitted on, stepfather broke my jaw, my momma kicked me out, lived in a graveyard whens someone standin out, had women break my heart, was cursed before I start, but still I had My Art, I cried in the dark, my control of words, was all that I got, so I am satisfied, since it's a gift from God, I'm gonna share with ya'll The Silent Art Child

Interlude (Jaharia)
It's easy to just sit there in judgement, but you weren't ther I'm his mother, I was in the projects taking care of his so-called "creative ass" to just say that I just sat there and did nothing is really heavy