Chino XL 2011

Yo, perfection, flawless, masterpiece, no mistake
back in the eighteen hundreds, I was burned at the stake (I am the wordsmith)
metaphor mephastopales, degrees i've achieved
the brain fluid it takes to believe would equal the seven seas
I can reveal the true name of god, you go insane upon hearing it
release enough to blow down pyramids
Im the michelangelo of syllables
since our freestyle genesis been biblical thats something you gotta give into

(Verse 1)
Yo, since born in my momma vaginal sauna
its a sanna-gram i been fond of fonics
its ironic, even as an embryonic
fathual and biblical, dont that sound biblical
i been a terror since i terrorth up that uterus
evil plans were made to defeat us as fetus
though now i walk in infamy, as i child they had it in-fa-me
was raised with guns and infantry and diapers at an infancy
the childhood of a hood that wa raised in the hood
cops said put your hands in the high sky put my hands down in a high hoog
I cant whine i drink wine now my plan is planded
till it became aparent , my parents should've been a parent
stately state no ransom, I wasnt worth no ransom
money wont you handsome, a nigga wasnt handsome
raised a mind like charles manson, knew i was a man's son
but which one, that made me strong created my poison tongue


(Verse 2)
While you cut school cause you ain't feel to good
I cut school cause my cuts ain't heal to good
the wall of physical abuse my mind escapes through the gift of wordplay
I memorize encyclopedias and dictionaries
I wrote anthems from antonyms, harmonies from homonyms
created cinemas from synonyms, limit to eliminate
this illustrious life we living in wrote rhetoricals in rhythms
I could paralyze with a parable, make rhymes out of religion
crucify you with a prefix or suffocate you with a suffix
rolexes so infectious its known to infect the listener
who dissing us yo punctuate, i punctuate
my karma's a comma to put you inside of a coma
hyphen dot dot semi-colon leave you semi swollen
question mark you pregnant Oh you not? I love you period
To sum it up, language is my essence
f**ked up in all my adolescence till my mom was out of lessons
laws of the convenience till I robbed a convenience store
love mom? f**k mom shit I dont love me no more
mentally it didnt register bitch, empty the register bitch
you just a cashier, bitch give the cash here
I'll shoot you in your cabbage hijack a getaway cab bitch
words ain't making me no loot don't change no dow jones average
regardless, re-god-less, they stole my innocence
in a sense the judge sentenced me to three life time sentences
to right my life and times in sentences, art my dark arch nemesis
they want me off the premises thats what the premise is
locked on a tear where you cant shed a tear at
study more shakespeare than any african shakes a spear at
and the whole world fear that and it hurts
I got caught killin' time but then I got away with words


People can say whatever they want about me but agree that I am the wordsmith
They can try to seal everything that I achieve but agree that I am a the wordsmith
The other words are deep in my veins that try to silence my pain I am the wordsmith
Even if I never move a million units its a blessing how I do it I'm the wordsmith

(Verse 3)
I'm in a game full of morons but they keep puttin' more on
told to tall to rhyme in the core of the Quran
and the minds what I represent and emcees better represent
I'm takin this rapping bullshit to its fullest extent
I have reservations while Indians are on reservations
told the board of education I was bored of education
as far as dis-co I'll leave you deader than disco
rockin sacks and violins oversex and violence
threw ya minds carolling you in need of an ambulance
I'll knock you to the asphalt its your own ass fault
your last thought I'll never sell myself short to be famous
and taking it up the anus just ain't us
the world can get the penis of this classical trained pianoist
my P.O. is pee-oed hand me cup told me to pee in this
the linguist musician my college tuitions my intuition
told me I wouldn't be a thought in tuition
my educations all on me own
so I might've beeen born yesterday but I rhyme like theres no tomorrow


you CRAZY!!!