All The Way To Stlou

Chingy 2004

Young rich and dangerous but not Kris Kross
Me I was just a running boy til I made it the boss
Got a lot on my plate breakfast,lunch and dinner
Call me dear on heart killer yeah bitch i'm a winner
On my block it's lil' kids pulling pistol's
In Iraq it's innocent kids dying from missiles
That's why i'm back and taking the title from those before me
Matthew Broadway can never see the day i reach glory
I know partitions is wishing that banner stop
But I'm ridin' with banana flow and hat cock 4 shots
To my cousin that's lock
come back soon tome rest in peace to my rilla roc
I'm a affiliated hustler so keep ya talk to a minimum
Hate on me first class to ya grave i'm sending em
Give me the rock and i'ma run it back
To all my young niggas out thurr stugglin' i hope you make a jack
where you at.

Back one more again it's Nate Dogg
One day I might stop but not now
My game to damn strong to be stopped
Got hoes every place that i stop
Got beef tell you what I'm goin' do
Call up David Banner and demolish ya crew
Man them laws looking for me man
Rob to Mississippi All The Way To St.Lou

Stressing bout to take 4 blunts to the head
Making a revolution listening to dead prez
He say, She say i don't curr what they said
Number 1 hustler said equip with the bread
IRS tripping so fuck the FEDS
Taking shit to these devils cut off my legs
Lord don't let em put me in my death bed
For my son,nieces and nephews life I plead
Sit drinking yak till my eyes get red
Pass me a clip I'm a magnum to the lead
I hope society will let my love spread
Cause my lil' cousin steadily thuggin' before they go I'm dead.