How We Feel

Chingy 2007

Either they don't know, don't show, or don't care about whats going on in the hood

Uh Uh, yeah, uh yeah yeah
This your boy chingaling man,
Need to talk to the world real quick,
Talk to em man,
You know we got a lot of problems going on in the inner city,
In the ghetto, in the hood, they ain't hearin' you,
Ain't nobody touchin' on,
Democrats, republicans, all those folks,
You know they don't care
Whats going on in the ghetto anyway

[Verse 1:]
Errday I wake up
With a regular mentality,
But I'm a target on the street and thats just reality,
Cats in the ghetto ain't never had a high salary,
Except makin' deals and selling blow in the alley,
See the system was made for us to fail, look at the jails,
Overpopulated with Mexicans and young black males,
I ain't tellin' the tale, so we choose heaven or hell,
Don't care about letters from school,
We'd rather get street mail,
I been a witness to some murders snitchin I do without it,
But then I wonder why the damn police dont do nothing about it,
Go to the unemployment office, hell yeah its crowded,
Our hoods takin' wrong turns now its time to reroute it,
I know a lil' dude 13,
Carry a burner dropped out of school,
Teacher said he wasn't a fast learner,
Sometimes I wonder in 20 years I wonder where we gon' be,
When I say we, I mean my black community, ya digg

They dont know,
How it feels to hurt so long,
Cause they never walked in these shoes,
And they never had to cry these blues,
How many men, turn their back on us so long,
Always say what they gon do,
But they never seem to come through

[Verse 2:]
Pardon my french but I dont think we ready for a lady president,
Its evident that its a mans world so thats irrelevant,
The system think we all niggas and we not intellegent,
But martin luther and malcolm taught me before im heavensent,
The girls havin kids and they still some kids,
Poppin' them out one after another like thats what it is,
Its innocent cats doin bizz,
They just tryin to life,
And the police dont even know if the crime they did,
Its got my brain in a twist, so im twistin a leaf,
On my balcony smokin and drinkin trying to see some relief,
If I can change our neighborhoods I would, put that on me,
This world messed up, and that Stevie Wonder can see,
So to my dogs locked down set ya mind free,
Cause you and I dont even believe you can get your degree,
Sometimes I wonder in 20 years where we gon be,
And when I say we I mean my black community, lets go


[Verse 3:]
I twist the cap off the bottle,
Take a sip and see tomorrow, like pac,
Wash away the sorrow while police hit the block, I be up all night,
Askin' god for the truth,
He told me thinking translated in my own words in the booth,
Try to reach the youth,
Cause thats what matters today,
I'm ain't too religious but I get on my knees and pray,
Sometimes I wonder in 20 years where we gon be,
I ain't gotta wonder no more,
My people rollin' with me, yeah


They'll never come through wo oh oh,
They don't know about this thing