2 Kool 2 Dance

Chingy 2007

I got my hands in my pocket
My hats real low
I'm to kool to dance I just rock [x3]
I'm on the edge of the dance flo
Drank in my cup
I'm to kool to dance I just rock [x3]

Friday night bout a quarter to 12
My benz outside and I'm ready to bail
My line'n on fresh and my shades channel
Gotta be so flyy in that stl I hear da dogs bark cause I got dat mail
Before I go grabbed da pumper and a box of l's
Pulled out the drive way on my cell
Say he bout to meet me on [? ]
For da chicks got the sean john smell good
I know the thugs out so I'm keepn it hood
You can mug lil dirty but I wish you would
The real do what they want the fake do what they could some chicks rolled up in range and thangs
Lookin' like they ready so I asked dey names
They knew who I was now they lookin' strange
We on our way to the club and I don't play no games