Don't Worry

Chingy 2004

What's up?
You ain't been talking to me for a couple of days, but its all good.
I just wanted to let you know that I know I do some things that's wrong,
You do some things that wrong.
You know what I'm saying?
We ain't perfect, we all make mistakes.
Na na na hold on I'm talking to you.
Don't just be trying to leave and stuff like that. I'm talking to you.
I'm trying to make things better for me and you

Just me and you, oh chingy, don't matter what we go through
Just me and you, we don't need no body else.
Just me and you, oh chingy, I'ma always be down for you
Just me and you, so don't worry bout a damn thing.

Now that we together girl the lights so bright,
It took a lil' time but now the feelings so right,
Remember when I snuck through your window at night,
Bringing you flowers and candy,
Me and you sipping on brandy, plus I appreciate the love on sight,
Huggin' me holdin' me fixed dinner so polite,
Even when these trippin' pigs was tryin' to sue me
Forget about friends and family you the one that knew me.
The way you smile at me keep me feelin' alright, this ain't about fur, fancy cars or ice
So I'm dedicating this to my female friend,
sincerely yours words can't express my feelings within


We human so we gonna fight and fuss at each other,
He told me you trippin' but girl don't worry bout
My brother we have argument it drive me to go out,
You my flesh so me and another woman won't bout it,
I'm thinking bout the times when you flew to my house,
Don't I give you everything you want this man ain't a mouse.
Am I cheatin' hell naw hope you got no doubts,
Rose peddles in the tub baby unbutton that blouse
Better yet come on you hungry lets eat at Mr. Chows.
Know you love me when you mad, you don't get loud,
So I'm dedicating this to my female friend,
Sincerely yours words can't express my feelings within


I like you style, your grace, your beautiful face, your essences.
Your size, your shape this beautiful place of blessin',
Your weight, your waist, your delicious taste perfection, your height,
Your sight, with my life as your protection.
So sweet like candy, lets raise a family in Miami
Where the beach so sandy toast to campaign glasses you ami,
Your scent like the smell fresh air of a leaf
And for you I go over my budget no I ain't cheep can stop grinding
Till I get er record to the top just know that your on my mind
Er second on the clock tick-tock, if you ever need help scream
And I'll come running for my life to trade it in for your dreams