Let Me Luv U

Chingy 2007

Yea, let me
This that Pro Player Music
Right hurr man
For the players dirty
Let me
You ain't even gotta say nothing to a girl
You ain't even gotta approach her man
She just gonna give it to ya
This ain't for you rookies though
Aim for your best
Get it

You can get this lovin'
Its nothing
I think I got the something you wanting
So when you leave the club and
Come on in
Private party's jumpin' over here
Come on in, come on in, til morning
Come on in,
Come on in,
Come on in, til morning
Come on in

I bumped in to this chick
Light skin and 5'6
Thick as a brick
Nice stomach with some wide hips
Approached her like what's good baby?
You seem hood baby
Maybe we could hook up oh yea we should baby
She asked my name
I laugh and flashed my chain
I can't stop staring
Damn she got ass and things
We can forget about the club and go to my crib
The finer things in life, that's how I live
I told her think about it, take a second, then tell me
She said ain't nothing to think about (ha ha)
Ya smell me
She got close and sniffed the fur-enheit
And almost overdosed
I stays fly ya know ya know


We on the way to my house
Know what I'm thinking about
Pop some Jodecy in
That'll get her wet, no doubt
Look like you been needing a friend
To please, ya heard me
With that gangsta love, girl come ride with a G
Rolled up some of that sticky
Since she like to smoke
Did a 100 to the pad, had to stash the toast
Pulled into the driveway
Hopped out and opened the door
Y'all might think that's weak
But all the real players know
Got inside, said she's cold
So I turned the heat on
Persian rug on the floor
To wipe ya feet on
And in 15 minutes, head boss gonna get beat on
She ain't got no man,
Ain't got no woman,
Who there to cheat on?
Can I get it?


(This is how it went down)

We in my bedroom
She ask, can I take a shower
Hell yea, there go the soap, lotion and baby powder
She got undressed in front of me
She must been reading my mind
Glad I ain't buying
This something you'd want to see
Instantly, I snuck in
Then she told me, get in
I grabbed to glasses and a bottle of that Seagrams Gin
So we got in the Jacuzzi
Cause its more relaxing
Call me Mr. Miyagi
Cause that ass I'm gonna be waxing
She got a little tipsy
Then started feeling on me
Then start feeling on herself
Yep, its going down homey
Next thing I know,
She went down, I got blessed
Then she got on top and let it drop
You know the rest

[Chorus: x2]