Chingo Bling 2006

Ha Yup Yeah Yup Yeah Yup Yeah

Uh Huh Uh Huh Chuckachk Whoa

HIJK to the M
boppers tried to sue me
chingo what you did to them
might see me on tv
oh in da movies

nasty movies or funny movies
either way were gon whoa

let me let chall know about da flo
kinda like a pound of dro
buy it at the stop and go
put it in an optimo
Puff (Cough) here ya go
cut cha hair grow a fro
jellow bone navajo
shinin like she mop n glo
wake up early in da mornin
six a clock roosters crowin
hopped up out the bedroom mama said chingo where you goin
hot shower pepe growin
pop trunk tv showin
pinky ring and piece n chain ya uh huh they both glowin
sorry i cant help but chine even my shit glows
looks green

chorus) see they dont call me chingo for nuthin
wood grain puro slap pinche buttons
just met her but we already cuttin
put my chile all the way in her muffins

when i step up in da place
iced out piece n chain
diamonds all up in jer face
when i stepped in da club
with a whole bunch of sluts
rubbin tities chowin love
before the car show
get a chirt from marshalls
i got x ray ojos cause your girl bra shows
im chingo bling bitch im ballin that makes putos very jealous
could it be the rustler jeans jordache or perry elis
i dont know yo no mas estoy doin my thang
big chile on my chain 20 inches 20 swang
fo i eat a taqueria i dont fuck with chimmy chang
but they both in the hood so its just not the same
your girl goes to my website at least 3 times a day
just when she needs to play when she's feelin hornay
im chingo bling im on fire you cant stop me already
when im comin down on slap but i say peanut butter jelly
who that is takin tris all the way to poker nose
get freaky with freaky hoes
and tell em that no one knows
even though i got secret cameras hidden in the doors
then we put it on tape and ship it to the stores
Pop Trunk On jer daddy
Pop Trunk On jer mom
Pop Trunk On jer granny for wearin that little thong
Pop Trunk On jer tia
Pop Trunk On jer wuela
Pop Trunk On jer sista for lookin real fea
what it do what a dookie
chunked a duece out the suzuki
did a chow with ugk did a song with los bukies
chingo bling servin fiends like a cracka named pookie
makin moves makin movies
with jer mom in my jaquuzee
a little fluzie named suzie
tried to get crunk and tried to sue me
but i got a hungry lawyer that eat cases like chop suey
from city to city we get love and ball hard
so we dont need credit cards
or sucka security guards
it was spring break we took a trip to cancuun
throw manosas part two but i had to chunk duece
im on a beach gettin crunk lookin good
poppin trunk in the hood chingo bling little putos

hay hay ay ay
que paso
stupid engineers thats why i get tired of hirin the same fuckin engineers that didnt go to college
play it again pendeho the music just stopped i didnt finish it
i gotta alot of chit to say toda via porque i have to advertise
and talk about talk chit
and put people down and call talk about jer mom jer family
you know because first i offend you n then i say some fly chit
n then i do sumthin different n then i keep goin n then i change my style
n it just ends

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