Ostrich Boots

Chingo Bling 2006

Ostrich Boots with a with a pimped out nike swoosh
got no green card but i go hard
tamale stashed in my tank of gas
i got that work my birdies chirp

So fresh So Clean Like A Kumbia King
but thats alright my diamonds is chine
got everything in my roosters name
dont speak english what did he say

had you ever seen a mexican platinum grill
tengo ostrich boots worth half a mill
almost bought a cowboy hat but all they had was black
then i saw a silk chirt with the virgien on da back
with the rustler blue jeans jordache sweater
diamonds platinum ostrich leather
your roosters tough but mines is better
thats cleto daddy hes fly in any weather
peanut butter leather with the jiff on the inside
r.i.p. selena dj screw all on the same ride
white girls stare every time i pass by
im chingo bling bitch and you know that im so fly
sigele chingando y te parto lo hosico
tiene beef with chingo ay probesito
i dont give a chit about none of you dudes
last year was gator now its avestrus


lookin at the leva got sluts in guam
your baby mom chowed her thong on chingobling.com
yous a little bitch boy in the honda civic
86 regal puto get wit it
comin through yo hood on 10 inch 4's
chingo blings comin down i might po a fo
youve heard the radio bitch you know who i am
while you buyin out the bar im buyin raspa stands
and i slang tamales ceviche elotes
payed my dues came up with coyotes
take eslosive serve through popotes
and j lopez takes rides in my moped
dude runnin up with they breath on fire
get away april fools you damn fourth of july
man i put you on the street till you pass out fly
then i jack you car with a pair of plyers


good mornin america this is chingo bling
i just want talk to all you jealous haters
you little pitos out there that get mad with me
because i got alot a things that you dont have
because i got a gucci camper guys get mad
alot a haters get mad cause i know what j lo smells like
under that dress ay manosa hmm jlo so good
dont forget you guys gotta look out for manosas the white gold edition spring break
manosas the platinum edition spring break manosas in boys town puto
we doin it over here i dont know bout you guys but we are

O Ostrich Boots O O Ostrich Boots O O O Ostrich Boots
Chingo Got What Chingo Got What Chingo got what He Has Ostrich Boots (Gucci Camper)
Chingo Got What he gotta what Chingo Gotta What Chingo Gotta That What(Gucci Camper)
Ostrich Boots Air Force 1's with the ostrich boots Ostrich Boots
Nike Swoosh on My Ostrich Boots Platinum Swoosh on my Ostrich Boots
Platinum Swoosh Plat Plat Platinum Swoosh Ostrich
Another Ostrich had to die for me to look fly (oo Ostrich Ostrich)
Another Ostrich had to die for me to look fly