Walk On

Chilliwack 2008

You don't weep you don't cry?
Just hold your head up high?
And you walk on, walk on?
Don't scream don't wail?

Keep moving down the trail
And you walk on, walk on
Yeah that's right?
Still ready for the fight?

And you walk on, walk on?
Say what they like?
You're working every night
Walk on, walk on

You can't depend on smellin' like a rose?
You make your move you take it how it goes?
And when the end as anybody knows is near?
You hope that you win

Just the same you really like the game?
So you walk on, walk on?
Money they say can buy an easy way - but you walk on, walk on
They love you best?

They pin upon your chest a prize?
In their eyes you rise above the rest?
It's nice to know you made the honour roll?
Who knows and who cares what comes next?

Just like they do it in the circus midway?
They got it figured so you can't win no way