Tell It To The Telephone

Chilliwack 2008

Well I woke up in the morning one terrible day?All of my dreams had dried up and blown away?No more easy money the wrong kind of fame?And too many questions when the telephone rang
Now the telephone leaves a lot to be desired?For communication - I'd much rather be by your side?But when you owe a lot of money and they're calling to collect?It's a long long distance to get their hands around your neck?When the whole game lands on you how you ever gonna see it through
How you ever gonna satisfy all the people on the telephone?You got one last saving grace they're not talking to you face to face?There ain't a damned thing they can do - theyr'e just talking to a telephone
Tell it to the telephone - tell it to the telephone
I don't mind this working overtime?But I gotta get away from the ringing all day?Going round and round - round and round?Round and round
Well who ran away with all of my cash - never say the tables turning?It's all happening in a flash?One day I was a hero next in debt?All the people on the telephone trying to make me sweat
TOO MANY ENEMIES(Henderson)?(chorus)?Enemy lies cut you down to size?You're hypnotized who's the bad guy now
I got too many enimies and not enough friends?I may call on your help before we reach the end?Can't look out my window can't walk outta my door?I don't think I like this anymore
I got too many enimies and not enough friends?Seems like everybody's touchy everything offends?Boarded up my windows double lock upon my door?They really can't complain about me anymore