Heartbreaker (How Far)

Broken Hearted 2006

The pain what keeps you
The love that relieves you
You didn't know something so dreamed up could be so real
And cause such a heartache
People said you had it coming
But now I don't know what to think

I trusted you
But now all I wanna know is

How far are you from where you should be?
Because I want to help you
So please come home
How far are you form where you came from?
Do you even know where you came from?
Is it that hard to get over... a heartbreak?

The hurt that gets you
The one that helps you
I wanna be the one to help you up
Not knock you down
But I can't seem to find you
I know someone has to help you
But you say you don't care anymore

I know you do
And still all I need to know is


Have you seen what you've done to yourself?
Have you seen what it's done to you?
I know the value of your lie and the part of it that's true
But this heartbreaker just decided that she'd mess with you for a while
And now anyone would give anything
Just to see your... smile

(Chorus 2x)

And how far?
Are you from home?
Because we all want you home...
I want you home