Trapped Inside

Broken Hearted 2006

The door is locked
No way to find the key
Only you can save me from this misery
No time to breathe
Can't see the door
Under all the blinding fog

Trapped inside no way to get away
I can't explain that you
Are the light in all of this
Dark sky, nighttime
I can't free myself
Trapped inside, trapped inside without you

Pieces of the puzzle
Aren;t coming together
Because you
Aren't here to save me
I can't speak as I fade away
Because all this time
I was all alone


Trapped inside I can't get out
Only you can save me now
Without you I'm worthless
Without you I can't get through
I can't speak and I can't sleep
I can't save myself
Can you help me I can't breathe I'm losing all control


Ooh, trapped inside
Trapped inside
Ooh, ooh
Trapped inside
Trapped inside without you