Because I Get High

Breezy 2017

1st Verse
I get high with the help from my friends rolled up a Swisher and I twist it at both ends an I blazed before
I met ya hoping that coppers and helicopters don't get
ya roll up and forget about that bad day you bet ya
every time I smell that cannabis in the air I'm right there with the owner I'm a dignified certified super stoner getting another ounce from my dude on my corner
taking off like a foul ball smoking on Buddha who's
the highest of them all surrounded by leaves like it
was fall with the flowers like a florist I'll be smoking
up a forest on the patio until my eyes are low every
time you see me I am high off the hydro an I really be living that high life all night I might cop a fat bag and
then I'll take flight want to know why
because I get high

Because I get high
All because I get high

2nd Verse
Find my ass on drug bridge feeling just like Pop-Eye
when I get high on my spinach never going to stop
even if a cop yells freeze all about peace but I'm like
fuck the police I'm rolling up a masterpiece people can tell I'm really stoned when I meet them passing them the duchie that's how I greet them burning some of that blue cheese with OG's high as fuck but think I'm Vietnamese I'll pack a bowl of cereal with a few drops of hash oil smoking out of a pipe that I made out of tin foil I joyride and stay high paraglide all through the sky super stoner yeah bitch I am that guy medicated like old timers forgetful like I got Alzheimers I'm all about having fun always trying to smoke with someone chopping up
weed and vicodine try to catch me but the feds won't
win all they're going to see is dust in the wind an I can show the rookies how to fly want to know why
because I get high