Find Me

Breezy 2017

Find me in your bedroom tearing you apart gripping
on a knife with all that pain in my heart watching while you're sleeping then I'm leaving with a bang murder murder murder every God damn thing

1st Verse
Sicko cut the screen and dove right in through the window right up the stairs I tip-toe then the pain
starts to grow tonight I'm going to go to your room
and split you wide open hopin' that I don't close-in murderin' I'm condonin' son of a bitch you have been chosen now you can find me in your bedroom
because I broke-in awoken when my knife hit ya
slit ya throat and took a picture with ya aint nobody
really want it with a Godzilla coming at you like I was
the real killer like Trinity without dignity stabbing you
to infinity I be living dangerously right in your
bedroom or into the further is where you can find me


2nd Verse
Waiting until you're most vulnerable then I will
show you horrible really hardcore into horror-core
until my blade's filthy take off my mask and I will
show you the real me you could never miss me
dismiss me hit them in the face then I'll be out in a
jiffy but it all could be tricky making a situation real
sticky and I will make you submit I really did commit
I slit them for saying some dumb shit holding my knife real tightly feeling almighty coming over nightly an
you can find me in your closet most likely then I'll hit
them in the chest like precisely family talking about
how your death was untimely I be living dangerously right into your bedroom or into the further is where you can find me


3rd Verse
He had it coming to his ass murdered them jumped
into the whip and I smashed on the gas I know you
wish you were dreaming sometimes I feel like a
demon on a mission stopping the bitchin' grabbing
a butcher knife from out of your kitchen find me in
your hallways murdering always then I raise my
blade like an executioner coming up in your house
like Lucifer breaking in while you're asleep turn on
the light and weep up all night I creep peep I'm in
it way too deep holding a knife behind me I'm
kind of like the dark thing I could take away your
misery but that really doesn't define me right into
your bedroom or into the further is where you can
find me