Breezy 2016

I smoke an I smoke an I smoke a lot smoke so
much pot I'll smoke it right in any parking lot I
got cannabis kick back while I spark this cannabis
sativa in a blunt bigger than a Louisville Slugger
an if dope was a broad I would hug her nobody
is telling me what I really need because I like to
trip & I like to smoke weed if you get in my way
I'll take your life away then smoke some more
so hardcore anybody wants to blaze better get
ready to hotbox don't like me bitch kick rocks fill
up a bong or roll a dutch smoke so much I'll put
a bag of dope in your face like pow put it in a
blunt let's smoke right now marijuana is on
my mind smoking any kind I can find people can
find me so easily follow the aroma an tell the
cops that I got glaucoma I don't want to leave
my sofa most days I'll be sitting sideways with
the dosia to blaze rolling up a jay I go way up
& away getting high just like Peter Pan taking
off like I'm Superman I've smoked dope out of
a soda can I'm really stoned I'm good & zoned
purple dope I've owned an I don't want to get
mad & run out that's something I don't even
want to think about so I got a fat supply
everybody really wants to smoke & get high
I was an alcoholic turned to hydroponic
now I just smoke a lot of chronic I really like
Mary Jane I like every strain people sayin' that
my clothes reek I've been smoking dope like
everyday of the week an I'm really not a rookie
had a couple bowls & a marijuana cookie life
did suck an then along came Mary I'll be smoking
dope until I'm in a cemetery an my joints are
more fat if it aint chronic I don't even want to
hit that I smoke with the crew reeking like
Pepe Le Pew with a "left handed cigarette"
stoner for life & I'm never going to quit I like to
get lit I smoke a lot of pot it's my only habit
getting dope like a true mobster really need
to get a new weed sponsor like I'm a
celebrity everybody knows I got greenery
I wear a pot as a hat pack a bowl not a gat
get stoned with the posse smoke 'till I can't
see eyes all red I be looking like a zombie pass
that grass to me I'm goofy with a doobie getting
doty with peyote everybody wanna be around Mary
lite up a stok my memory is a joke yet I always
remember to smoke I was smoking dope
since I was a kid pissing parents off an they're
getting offended I'd rather be high than drunk
I smell like a skunk like Jerry Garcia an I'm
about to blaze this gonja smoking with or
without ya higher than Wiz you know what time
it is it's 420 an I got blunts & a green hand
parents will never understand I'm blowing
that dro in the air an I'm smelling like weed
& they stare they're never going to stop me
nobody can top me better back off me an then
I will make this room all cloudy smoking a fat
jay while I pack a bowl medical fat blunts I roll
got to watch out for the high patrol & staying
really high is my long term goal people looking
at me like Dennis Rodman doing dabs again get
a vaporizer for the smoke session smoke
weed everyday take another hit it's a
holiday I'm blazing all the pain away
filling up the ashtray at a Cannabis Cafe
I blaze a ton & I get it done burn one roll
another one got to be a bong not a one
hitter I'm a stoner for life I'm not a quitter
I'm the man your parents love to hate cause
I like to elevate celebrate smoke dope &
levitate I'll be smoking until my whole bag
is empty but I have plenty lite up it's 420...