Breezy 2017

(1st Verse)
I'm living in La La Land flying like Superman with
a Swisher in each hand littering and smoking
whenever I can catch me packing a bowl breaking
out the hash oil & headband ready for lift off
zoomin' baking out the room in a gas mask too
high to stay on task I'm always but you may ask an
I act like it's legal I'll light up in a crowed room full
of people with a pipe I'm "high class" chieffing out
of expensive glass an I brought a bic for assistance
you can see me blazing from a distance rolling up
dank smoking until my mind is blank with a bag
that's top rank when it comes to the weed I am a
skank I thank every grower every caregiver &
glassblower cause I'm a weed whore everything
is moving slower I'm elevating & I won't lower &
I will do this over & over & over

Ya say you "get high" now how high do ya get I
got a problem getting high cause I don't know
when to quit I like to stay lit an the sky is the limit
I don't like to feel low so I'm up quite a bit
I must be in orbit (2X)

(2nd Verse)
I'm in orbit soaring around the planet like I was a
pilot I don't like smoking in private but I'll get high
& forget about it packing sticky lime green violet
buds around here out of the atmosphere like
George Jetson I'll appear out of the smoke like
Willie Nelson holding a funny cigarette I'm taking
off like a fighter jet still floating promoting
hydroponic plants I'm so high that people look
like ants levitating when I'm fully baked escalating
& never braked flying around the nation not an imagination putting another blunt in rotation see
me with a castellation smoking around the space
station I'll be gone in a flash but I'll be right back
with a joint filled with hash too many dabs will make
me crash I'm over the rainbow & your radar out of
close range like a star with the Devil's cigar an no
gravity watch me clear a bong like Kirby casually
circling around the moon like a marvelous cartoon
I'm getting high all afternoon