My Movie

Breezy 2016

Warning this movie contains adult content drug
content language not suitable for pussies violence
crude & sexual humor explicit content & dialogue
an... some... other... shit...

1st Verse
SHEAH I'm feeling groovy smoking a doobie like
this is a Cheech & Chong comedy truly colder
than Ice-T doing karate like I'm Bruce Lee the
star of this movie I'm playing Hercules the villain
named Breeze spending the weekend at Bernies blowing trees eyes slanted like I'm Japanese an
I'm way more cool than LL Cool J an more colder
than Ice Cube in Friday cut to the next scene I'm
in the bathroom doing rails with Avril Levigne an
I'm about to drill Rapunzel & Cinderella calling
me a fine fella so I gotta shoot a hella load all over
the stella now I'm back at a party getting poon
with Reese Witherspoon & Brandy an I got 'em
both in my van once I held out my hand & gave
'em some candy man these "Earth Girls Are Easy"
when they're around me & Bill Cosby I will take
you out like a vigilante this is "MY MOVIE"

Wanna be a star wanna be in my movie try to
shoot but miss me you will all just be history
villains in a comedy action packed mystery
we're really going hard in it written & starred in it (2X)

2nd Verse
Ay yo this rap shit's like a movie I'm just writin'
the script superstar at a flick I got your chick bittin'
her lip what I do with my pen & pad some say it's
a gift I'm just piecing these words together like
I'm editing clips it's hard to imagine any Goofy's
being a threat you aint gettin' no props so you
can't even be on the set riddle me this why're
you even wasting your breathe we streamin'
on Youtube you still on VHS take a seat in the
front row an get your popcorn your raps suck
you're getting fucked though & this is not porn
you got a Sharknado flow shit is so whack
how're you going to be a star pussy you don't
know how to act I'll tell you what when I yell