Breezy 2017

(1st Verse)
All of my family thinks I'm unearthly an I'm not
worthy calling me crazy I don't really get what's
been going on lately people are judgy but they're
not the boss of me I want to smoke peacefully &
keep the positivity but everybody's a bully in this
galaxy maybe they dislike my style or maybe they
need to smile more maybe that's something that
I should ignore I'm unorthodox just smoking
moon rocks meanwhile these mean jocks like
cocks everybody hates me just like Raymond
I am a martian like Matt Damon nobody's down
for playing God didn't answer so I stopped
praying saying nothing is what it appears to
be misery sure does love company people can
be really nasty too they don't know what I've
been through they've been calling me weak
all week why do they got to critique everything
that is unique people on this planet say that I
don't belong I move along like Neil Armstrong
cause everyone laughed for smoking alone in
my spacecraft so I said farewell knowing that
they would all become boring as Hell

I am an Alien
how come I don't fit in why does everybody
treat me like I'm from the Looney Bin
I am an Alien
how come I don't fit in why doesn't anybody
see the good that's within
I am an Alien
I'm a friendly E.T. but nobody wants to play with me

(2nd Verse)
I'm somewhere near the milky way an I will never
fit in anyway all by myself always on my own
smoking all alone because I'm just a peaceful guy
stoned high treated like less than nothing are
having friends a thing peace is what I'm trying to
bring but everybody hates my well-being I'm
losing my hope & my sanity really losing all faith
in humanity these people are sick & insane looking
at me like I was David Blaine very miraculous
limitless weird & wondrous they don't know
that I'm marvelous tell them flawless man I'm
immaculate I love to get lit & they're not having
it I'm E.T. people are staring like i'm a real looney
as I light a doobie they don't want to be apart of
my party they say that they see the monster in
me calling me the epitome of all evil sticking out
like Evel Knievel these lower life forms see me
like I'm invisible why did I think making friends
would be so simple maybe because I'm the one
to blame but they stare at me because I'm
different an I stare at them because they are
all the same


(3rd Verse)
Everyone acts like I'm not from this planet an I
really can't stand it like I'm a misfit & I got an extra chromosome I'm taking my ball & I'm going
home kids say that i'm strange & I'll never change
all of the popular people just thought I was dumb treaded me like a phantom I don't have friends
but I want some people think I'm out of this
world & out of my mind one of a kind nothing
like they've all became they hate me because I'm different an I hate them cause they're all the
same I am irregular I am the omega with a
dilemma extraterrestrial higher than some
Adderall lonely supernatural I smoke while they
drink alcohol looking at me like an oddball like
I'm a neanderthal I knew that my peers wouldn't
be anything at all saying I'm a dummy an maybe
they all like to see me unhappy everybody seems
to be fully against me they're snoring on me
regularly but nobody wants to smoke socially
why does everyone seem boring to me