Blowing It

Breezy 2016

Nicki you're a fake ass low class snake
in the grass an you're blowing it

1st Verse
Another child star caught smoking Salvia
more annoying than Madonna worse than
Carlos Mencia an I hope I'll never see ya
she's really an eyesore attention whore
like "nobody knows how to be a functioning
drug addict anymore" but I shouldn't let it
bug me I'm a druggy I'm chill Hannah
Montana's really going downhill acting like
she got back from Hookahville maybe
somebody gave her another pill you're
blowing it & you have no idea fans question
you like Wiz Kahlifa catch me on Disney
taking bong hits with Miley drug abusin'
& goin' through a phase while losing at
the VMA's people look at you sideways
with the absolute worst review if I'm a
"bad influence" tell me WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU


2nd Verse
Nobody likes you you're self-centered
you're a bitch I remembered nobody
respects a Kardashian I'd rather party
with OJ Simpson people say you're
worse than Paris Hilton living so grey
always in a state of disarray "you're
blowing it Kanye" quick to cancel like
Iggy you're being a dick like Bill O'Reilly
everybody really hates Nicki what'd I tell
ya you're soundin' like a failure like Iggy
Azelia like you just smoked resin actin' like
Britney in 2007 you were once in 1st place
now you're a stupid bitch like Nancy Grace