Freaking Me Out

Breezy 2016

Freaking me out
they keep on freaking me out
freaking me out
really keep on freaking me out
no doubt you got it all wrong
boy that girl is long gone
man these girls keep on freaking-me-out

1st Verse
(Kutt Calhoun)
After my show you get your hug then ask
me for a picture (alright thanks) then ask
me for a picture (come on man) then ask
me for a picture (damn) bitch you aint
seen my Facebook then you aint seen
the misses break your little ass down &
roll you up inside the swisher don't you
know I'm married who're you trying to get
this dick from was about to Kevin Gates
but I know when you was just drunk &
trying to be your punk rock bitch party
& the some hoping that I was with it
told you to tell your friends come shit
I never trusted you hoes I used to think
with my dick but now I figured you're
pregnant & me in a court with a chick
after my money an me divorcing my wife
& my kids for a bitch who was thirsty an
I provided the fee & there aint enough
pussy that 5 minutes can give to a man
with a future to dive in it & swim I know
you're peeping me out just keep on
peeping me out from a far cause up
close you keep on freaking-me-out bitch


2nd Verse
When it comes to a freak you're the
definition pulling out my dick for a
demonstration ready for any kind of
penetration I wasn't ready for this
generation jumping on everybody
getting really hype she'll never deny
pipe the type that'll swing from cock
to cock like Tarzan only a short time
span when there isn't a "D" in your
hand spitting hella game & never
gave a damn always cheating on her
man but not with me she doesn't have
energy after humping the entire team
but it really did a number on my self
esteem now a days girls want it with
a bunch of munchkins the type of girls
that like blumpkins smoking on a
cigarette ready for an encore the type
of whore that I die for 4 more before
me then a biker if you don't cum all
over the girl she thinks you don't like
her stoking on her coin purse with the
reverse cowgirl making my load
disburse she's a cock-a-roach loving
anybody that will approach throwing
a tantrum when random doesn't
want to do the ol' "in/out in/out" freaking
me out cause she likes it more when
I put it in her jaw looking like a hoe
from Panama that just got freed now
she talking to me about how she
just wants to get married