Breezy 2016

(DJ Clay)
Everybody close you're eyes & feel inside just a
little bit of darkness (darkness) you never really
feel alive until you realize that you need a little
bit of darkness (darkness)

1st Verse
You don't want to see us snap back click-clack
in the pitch black bust a cap with the black mac
from my backpack try to step to me get the
best of me then they all collapse now I got 'em
all taking "dirt naps" nobody knows where my
mind is at like I'm wearing a camouflage hat
everyone knows that we're white but we're
darker more scary than Sarah Jessica Parker
I am a dark Peter Parker more like Jason Voorhees drinking 40's like these got to be making G's
smoking trees to be at ease now he's hanging
out in the gallows he's something out of
Dark Shadows on your front lawn posin'
opposin' wearin' clothin' dosin' off while overdosin' smoking flowers at the darkest hours I'm killing 'em
& letting 'em bleed all day while keeping it dark
with DJ Clay...

(DJ Clay)
An we say "we keep it dark" 3X (darkness)
An we say "we keep it dark" 3X (darkness)
An we say "we keep it dark" 3X (darkness)
An we say "we keep it dark" 3X (darkness)

2nd Verse
An when my knife sticks it resolves conflicts ya better grab your crucifix I'm serious dark demented & dangerous I will break you like a promise feeling like Rocky Dennis deep within the darkness way darker
than no other I will take your soul brother taking
over like Father-In-Laws from another world that's
darker than Jaws where a lot of adults treat God
like Santa Claus tell me do you really think I am
psycho coo-coo do you really get it well ya better
forget it before night fall up all night like I had
an eight ball following the dark protocol I'm
off of the wall terrifying & terrible we are not
comparable we're making the scene darker
in the most violent way keeping it dark
just like Violent J...