Full Magazine

Breezy 2017

(1st Verse)
I'll put a tag on a toe for a bag of do I'm
a psycho silly mother fucker that wants
to put you in a coma you better be a
killer man you're about to be a goner
bitch I'm really dangerous I just bust
loads you must lick chodes but what
if I pick the glock up I'll shoot your
whole damn block up put up your guard
& I'll shoot up the fence I will destroy
your self confidence an if a bitch's got
a problem I'm probably going to shoot
them in the face & erase you there's
not a God damn thing you could say
or do so just siphon out my goo when
triggers are flickering it'll be something
to see bitches are sickening trying to fuck
with me so quickly it'll be over so wickedly
that there will be no forgiven thee honestly
man I ran a funeral service murdering many
men that are worthless an I feel like I found
my purpose I'm going harder than a fat
bitch on a treadmill I shoot to kill an I
will cause I'm ill I'm a really big deal with
an ego ideal so fuck how ya feel I'm
gripping the steel bitch I got that
full magazine for real

Full Magazine
All I've seen is blood shed 9 to the
head 9 more dead man I'm really wasted
an I got away so clean cause I hit a
mother fucker with a Full Magazine
All I've seen is blood shed 9 to the
head 9 more dead man I'm really wasted
an I got away so clean cause I hit a
mother fucker with a Full Magazine
an now the cops are on the scene

(2nd Verse)
Waving an automatic smoking a ton
of chronic running past you like my
name was Sonic I'll be the best that
ever did it hit it & quit it I'm really
feeling good like a villain should
hood goes crazy when I pass hoes
saying there goes that white masked
man driving that white minivan without
windows bumping Tecca Nina up in the
arena I be geeked up off of that Tina
snorting that Christina drinking a margarita
showing off my Peter people always
treating me like I came in last place
like I'm a basket case from outer space
with a disfigured face boy you want to
battle then ya better get ready to wrestle
everybody's got problems & you're
nothing special really fat bitch cops think
I'm truly nuts when they're the ones that
I see deep throating donuts everybody
acts like an H.O.E. fuck the gloves &
the mask tell 'em it was me bitches
be asking me why do you got a full
magazine bitches are first to die when
I get upon the scene these bitches
be sayin' he's sick in the brain had a
lot of cocaine an none of his bullets
remain that fuckin' guy's insane


(3rd Verse)
You don't want to look into the mind
of a psycho full of ammo & an M.O.
you're a dumb dyke hoe & I will chop
ya from out of the window I'll drop ya
so fuck a copper bitch I will pop ya
better believe that my full magazine
will stop ya I'll never be caught in the
act I murder everybody that is a fact I'm
full packed fully stacked an I'm ready
the hate is getting pretty heavy open
your mind cause I'm deadly like that
could've been fireworks could've been
a gat I'm a really cold cat I be running
like I'm on that skat an I will lay you out
flat with a knife or a gun or a bat I know
where you're at an you're history you're a
bitch to me ya better prepare for permanent
injury special delivery from my artillery
acting so wickedly getting the job done
viciously with a handgun everybody
else is on one bullshit I take none I got
a full magazine so you better run so
your machete you're dead to me already
I'm deathly like Jason & Freddy ya
better bring the cavalry because a
lot of serial killers I envy