Nightmare Next Door

Breezy 2016

1st Verse
You probably already think that he's a
deadbeat getting by an he's an asshole
kind of guy either stupid or really high
an ya can't wait for him to die his
neighbors despise him an then the
police surprise him an then they all
terrorize him until they believe that
disguise on him wearing a mask like
Stanley Lypkis making chaos just like
this right into his d-d-d-d-d-d-dark abyss
this dude means business I'm outside
& dangerous I'm way worse than SAW
it's getting out of control like Chris Benoit
an on every full moon I come around an
I might be in your town with the villains
underground believe me it's going down

This is the night
when we all reunite an the moonlight
is bright
an we hurt you on site almost every
damn night this is war
this is hardcore an I've told you before
I'm the nightmare next door

2nd Verse
He's a ghost-face killer with some drug
paraphernalia tell me can you feel the
sick & diabolical prick totally looking like
a lunatic so su-su-suck-a-fu-fuck-a-fat-dick
feeling real invincible people ask "is he
still hostile" when I'm that guy that your
mother warned you about an I'm out of
this galaxy bat-shit crazy like Casey
Anthony living happily oh my God what
a tragedy more deadly like Freddy seeing
a nightmare like me making a really
gruesome scene right outside of your
house like this is Halloween my villains
surround me around the dark energy
believe me it's about to be bloody anarchy