Going Nowhere

Breezy 2016

(Motivational Speech Intro)
The people how go after their stuff what makes
it worth it it's got to be your passion you've got
to love it ladies & gentlemen you've got to love
it it's got to be what you are supposed to do you
got to write even if none publishes your book write because that was given to you to do you do what
it is you're suppose to you're supposed to build something you're supposed to create something
I don't know how to do it LEARN do whatever's
required just go out there...

1st Verse
People needed help & so I said that I would
take 'em finally coming up from the bottom
yelling "assalamualaikum" everywhere we
go people stare at us old people care that
we're loud & cuss we're hoodlums looking
pretty scandalous mainstream making us
really envious I'm just way better than the
king pins people are treating us like trash &
they call us "Wheat Thins" I'm really trying to
be a leader not a boss I'm getting jealous of
Rick Ross how mush does it cost to be
successful all I want to do is dream big why's
it got to be so stressful cause I'm feeling like
a studio whore but I wish I could accomplish
more need to succeed feed my greed but
I'll probably just write another song blaze
the weed an call it a day change my plan
A but I snort yay smoke dope & rhyme when
I'm in the studio people swear that I'm
wasting time like I'm a nobody & I need a
better tactic like I'm just stuck in traffic
nobody wants to see another stoner going
mainstream people think I'm wasting my
life away on my pipe dream this isn't where
you want to be feeling like ya John Cusack
in High Fidelity people keep on telling me it...

Feels like ya' going nowhere feels like you're
going nowhere an it feels like we're going nowhere
feels like we don't compare everybody's well aware
not too many care life is unfair & I swear
everyday they say it feels like we're going nowhere
I got to prove 'em wrong cause they think that we're... (Going Nowhere)

2nd Verse
(Whitney Peyton)
Livin' life in a hamster ball all my haters always
waitin' for my brand to fall all day I answer calls
when opportunity beckons yo I don't mess
with many rappers I can't stand 'em all that's
real talk real hard when you're livin' in the loop
you can be it if you see it yo I'm the livin' proof
fake it 'til ya make it yup unforgiven truth I be
grindin I be shinin' got my image in a noose woooh... even still I be feelin' like a rerun no "vaca" I
work when the weeks done every second
every minute every season bought a dream
once I need a refund everybody sayin' I should
quit I'm a do it myself I put the "i" in spit don't fail
don't bail not the type of chick got the flames in
my brain cuz my mind is lit but it feels like
I'm going nowhere gettin' really rowdy like
I'm gonna throw a chair jump into the pit an I kill it
I swear everyday I awake an it's like a nightmare...